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I learn from the store group! Trick to dissolve the irritation of personal relationships instantly

It is spoken ill by another person, and whom is the experience that a sarcasm is said, and flew into rage carelessly for?

About a trick to dissolve such an "irritation of personal relationships" instantly this time, I learn from the words of the store group.


■In the first place what is "a store group?"

The store group is to have become the etymology of "the stoic", but is a school of the famous ancient Greece philosophy.

I quote words of "great thinker emperor" Marcus Aurelius who is particularly famous in the store group this time.

"I am weak in the long katakana name!"

That you who rejected it in this promptly. Please go together only a little more.



■"You should do the other party and reverse"

It is actions to be taken when I was irritated, but the answer "does the other party and reverse" right out. I do it in this.

For example, it is common it becomes just emotional, and to retort when it was spoken ill,

Therefore, on the contrary, "I praise a partner" and am one.

"What's that? ・* Super-masochistic one"

I explain this to one at a loss a little in detail.

I want, in fact, you to mind the other party adding some false charge to you and often fetch such an action.

When I get excited carelessly and talk back to such "Attention Whore" partner, it becomes the expectation of the partner.

Therefore it is reverse and does (I praise a partner) daringly.

Then the partner whom an unexpected reaction was returned to gets a dodge and will be puzzled.

However, there is not the human being whom I am praised, and the bad mind makes.

I will cease to pick quarrel from a partner soon if I repeat this.


■Wise remark of Marx

With the wise remark of Marx who became the hint of this trick,

"There is not it like the person with the revenge".

Even if thought about matching a partner with the same eyes, but revenge was able to be refreshing temporarily "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" if did a thing same as a partner, the state of things for the grudge of the partner again; repeat it.

There is the word, "the quarrel happens only in the same levels".

Therefore I return it by courtesy daringly if malice is turned.

The partner notices own mistake by doing so and is a chance to change the manner.



・If it is spoken ill and is annoyed, I do reverse daringly.